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Black End Caps | Vinyl Caps | PVC Caps | Round Vinyl Plastic Caps
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  • Black End Caps | Vinyl Caps | PVC Caps | Round Vinyl Plastic Caps

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    Black End Caps

    What is PVC ?

    PVC is one of the most widely used plastic materials to produce black end caps. Because it has non-flammability, high strength, weather resistance and excellent geometric stability.

    Vinyl Cap

    Injection molding process conditions

    Drying treatment: usually no drying treatment is required.

    Melting temperature: 185~205C Mold temperature: 20~50C

    Injection pressure: can be as large as 1500bar.

    Holding pressure: can be as large as 1000bar.

    Injection speed: to avoid material degradation.


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    PVC Caps


    1. Use for different colors furniture
    2. Push-on terminal insulation cover
    3. Insulation cover for electrical equipment
    4. Cover for valve handle, household hardware
    5. Cover for baby carriage handle
    6. Amusement equipment, fitness equipment
    7.  Hardware dipped plastic covering products

    Round Vinyl Plastic Caps Company

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    Protective Caps

    About Us

    We are the leader supplier for vinyl pipe end cap,vinyl round end cap,vinyl round end cap,vinyl tube end caps and pvc vinyl caps products in China. As our products always export to the USA,Australia,UK,Germany,Brazil,Thailand,Vietnam,Pakistan India & Canada markets. Moreover,we can supply you at lowest price of vinyl wire end cap,as our company is owned not rent. In addition,we can get more cheaper raw material,because of our bulk purchase per month. We are manufacturer,so we can supply you at lowest price.

    Vinyl Flexible End Caps

    Welcome to follow us on LINKEDIN,so you can get news about us timely. However,we will publish new products there.If you do it,as a result,you can get our samples FREE to test. In any case,contact us when you need.


    Where is Flexible Caps Factory?

    Our factory located in Yueqing City,Zhejiang China.So our cost to make production is cheap.

    You'd better to come by high-speed train to Yueqing Station, because it is about 30 mins to our company by car. But for airport,it is a little far from us.It takes 1.5 hrs by car.


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