Round Top White Vinyl End Cap Sample Customized | Clean White Color
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Company News

white vinyl end cap

Round Top White Vinyl End Cap Sample Customized | Clean White Color

Company News     2021-08-27
Round Top White Vinyl End Cap Most of end cap is flat,our customer need white vinyl end cap with round top.Picture as below: SIZE AVAILABLE (Tool Finished) Material & Color Inner Size Thickness Length PVC Bright White 5/8" 1/16" 1.5"…
typhoon china yanhua

Typhoon YANHUA 14 Levels Will Land Tonight Zhejiang

Company News     2021-07-24
Typhoon China In Zhejiang, July and August is the season of typhoons. A 14-level typhoon China will cause heavy rainfall, named Yanhua,and strong wind levels will knock down trees. Some low-lying houses will be flooded. The road is a vast…
battery terminal cap rubber,battery terminal safety cap,car battery protector boots,electrical terminal covers

What is battery terminal safety cap?

Company News     2021-07-07
Battery Terminal Safety Cap What is battery terminal safety cap? Electrical Terminal Covers Auto mechanical battery positive and negative jacket, battery positive and negative protective cap, insulation, short-circuit prevention, insulation protection of the terminal. Battery Terminal Cap Rubber Material Soft…

The Role of PVC Sleeve?

Company News     2021-07-01
PVC Sleeve pvc sleeve is a kind of protective cover made of insulating material. And used to wrap the stranded copper wire conductor. It is a flat shell formed by pressing the sheath material through the production line of high-tech…
Black Vinyl End Caps payment

Our New Customer for Black Vinyl End Caps

Company News     2021-06-28
Black Vinyl End Caps We can accept black vinyl end caps customized. New Customer in April,2021 100% T/T Payment in Advance   Second Payment Third Payment Our main products are vinyl end caps,battery terminal covers,connector cover,cable gland shroud,plastic valve handle…
white vinyl end caps,vinyl end caps customized

White Vinyl End Caps Customized

Company News     2021-06-25
White Vinyl End Caps We can accept white vinyl end caps customized Customized Vinyl End Caps Most of PVC vinyl cap products,the top tip is flat not rounded.We can make rounded type.   Bright White Vinyl End Cap Color Any…
Connector Housing Sleeve

Connector Housing Sleeve function and role

Company News     2020-09-12
  Terminal Ends Cover for Equipment Connector Housing Sleeve provides many important functions, which can basically be understood as a housing that provides electrical insulation between adjacent contacts and between the contacts and the outside world. This insulation is usually…
cable sleeve

What is Cable Sleeve

Company News     2020-09-07
About Cable Sleeve For cable sleeve,it known as protective pipes and conduits, are pipes used to protect wires and wiring in electrical installations. It allowing the penetration and replacement of wires and cables. Moreover cable bushing is a new type…
vinyl cap manufacturer

CNC Center Arrives! 3 Days for Custom Prototype

Company News     2020-06-19
Vinyl Cap Manufacturer We are professional vinyl cap manufacturer.Before 2018, all of our vinyl cap molds are made from the mold manufacturers. However, we found it not a long-term way to satisfy the customers. We were considering controlling the incoming…
battery terminal boot supplier

Battery Terminal Boot Supplier | Cable Pants | Cable Gland Shroud

Company News     2020-06-19
Battery Terminal Boot Supplier If you are searching for battery terminal boot supplier,welcome to contact us.Because we do business in this field for more than 30 years. Considering the labor cost and the increasing orders, we are making more cutting…
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