Company News CNC Center Arrives! 3 Days for Custom Prototype

CNC Center Arrives! 3 Days for Custom Prototype

2020-06-19     Company News

Vinyl Cap Manufacturer

We are professional vinyl cap manufacturer.Before 2018, all of our vinyl cap molds are made from the mold manufacturers. However, we found it not a long-term way to satisfy the customers. We were considering controlling the incoming material of the mold, lead time, and process.

Now we make it!


Screw Tip Covers

We introduced equipment of lathe & CNC and established the Mold Design Department on December 15th, 2018.

Then we purchase aluminum & copper in stock and once we get the design requirement from the customers the prototype could be worked out in 3 days!

What’s more, the mold cost would be lower than before because we control any cost by ourselves.


Screw Protector

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  1. 30+ years in this field with rich experience,so more control on costs
  2. Annual sales USD11 millions,for huge production,so we can get lowest price on material
  3. We make tooling ourselves,so tooling fee will be cheaper than others
  4. Our own company not rented,so our costs is less
  5. Long term logistical business partner,so we can get cheaper transportation quotation
  6. Our markets are North America & Europe,so quality is no doubt

Welcome to learn more about us to view 720VR on our website!

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