Company News Typhoon YANHUA 14 Levels Will Land Tonight Zhejiang

Typhoon YANHUA 14 Levels Will Land Tonight Zhejiang

2021-07-24     Company News

Typhoon China

In Zhejiang, July and August is the season of typhoons. A 14-level typhoon China will cause heavy rainfall, named Yanhua,and strong wind levels will knock down trees. Some low-lying houses will be flooded. The road is a vast ocean, with all kinds of garbage floating on it, and it's a mess. All the cars were seriously soaked in water and directly scrapped.
Seeing all this, the word loss was written in their eyes. But in the face of natural disasters, it is lucky to be alive. Everything else can start over, but there is only one life. May everyone be safe and well alive.

COVID 2021

COVID19  in China was basically contained, and almost everyone was vaccinated. At present, except for occasionally imported infected persons from abroad, others are safe. Everyone has a sense of safety, wear masks when they go out, and wash their hands when they go home. Do not go out to contact with crowded places and keep a safe distance.

Hope everybody can be safe.


Heavy Rain in Hennan

In the first two days, heavy rains continued for 48 hours in Henan. Many people lost their homes, and some even lost their lives as a result.
Life is really small in the face of natural disasters.


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