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Vinyl Cap | Vinyl Caps | Wire End Cap | Vinyl End Cap | PVC Vinyl Cap

Vinyl Cap Vinyl cap is common type,but we also can make square vinyl cap.In additions,we have many colors to choose,such as black,white,bright white,red,blue,yellow and green. Brand Name: Zhongtian Material: Soft PVC (Vinyl) Hardness: 70(±10) Shore A Application: Protecting any end of objects from dust, corrosion and mechanical damage. Certificates: ROHS/REACH/UL94v-0 Capacity: 5 million pcs per …

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Black End Caps | Vinyl Caps | PVC Caps | Round Vinyl Plastic Caps

Black End Caps What is PVC ? PVC is one of the most widely used plastic materials to produce black end caps. Because it has non-flammability, high strength, weather resistance and excellent geometric stability. Vinyl Cap Injection molding process conditions Drying treatment: usually no drying treatment is required. Melting temperature: 185~205C Mold temperature: 20~50C …

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Rubber Screw Protectors | Screw Thread Protectors | Dip Molding

Rubber Screw Protectors We are the leader manufacturer of rubber screw protectors,because we can supply all sizes you need. Item vinyl caps Insulation Resistance DC 500V, Insulation Resistance R≥200MΩ Appearance clean,no dirty dot Dielectric Withstand Voltage Test AC 2500V/Min (5mA)  No  Breakdown Aging Test 168Hrs at 136°C without aging Flammability Standard UL 94 V-0 …

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Bolt End Caps | Flexible Rubber Caps | PVC Rubber Cap | Thread Covers

Bolt End Caps Buy bolt end caps,you come to the right place.Because we produce flexible rubber caps for more than 30+ years,we have rich experience in this field.We can make all type and colors for your choice. PVC Wire End Cap Specification Daily Production Capacity Stocks available? Flammability Standard Hardness Heat Temperature 500 thousands …

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