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Crocodile Clip Covers | Alligator Clip Covers | Alligator Clips Cover
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  • Crocodile Clip Covers | Alligator Clip Covers | Alligator Clips Cover

    • Improved structure of alligator clip covers
    • PVC insulated material
    • Handle more easier than other supplier
    • Huge production with lowest price
    • High quality export to America
    • Description

    Crocodile Clip Covers

    Crocodile Clip Covers and Alligator Clips Cover is same,as it is used to cover alligator and protect it.

    Alligator Clip Covers

    How does alligator clip covers works?

    Reduce the obstructive opening angle of the alligator clip, and allow the operator to directly observe the operating state of the sheath.
    At present, alligator clips commonly used in electrode detection, in order to avoid the operator's electric shock or short circuit during the detection process, most of them will put a sheath on the alligator clip jacket.


    Alligator Clip Cap

    What different of our alligator clip cap with other factory?

    1. A fixed hole is formed by sinking above the inner wall of the sleeve hole of the sheath.
    2. The outer wall of the sheath and the area projected on the fixing hole forms a pressing portion.
    3. The front end of the sheath hole of the sheath is provided with a reinforcing flange portion along the edge of the hole.
    4. The pressing portion forms an arc-shaped recess.
    5. A non-slip protrusion is provided on the pressing portion.


    Alligator Clips Material

    Insulating materials PVC, and is in the shape of a long cylinder. It contains a longitudinally long sleeve hole so that a crocodile clip can be placed in the sleeve hole. When the user uses it, the sleeve is relatively pressed through the sleeve. Pressing the alligator clip allows the front ends of the two clamping arms of the alligator clip to be elastically opened to clamp the electrode terminal under test. The alligator clip placed in the sheath can be opened to a desired angle without being restricted by the sheath,  which is convenient for the operator to use.


    Crocodile Clip Covers


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    Alligator Clip Cover


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