Vinyl End Caps Vinyl Round End Cap | Flexibl Vinyl Cap | PVC Flexibl End Cap
Vinyl Round End Cap | Flexibl Vinyl Cap | PVC Flexibl End Cap
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  • Vinyl Round End Cap | Flexibl Vinyl Cap | PVC Flexibl End Cap

    • Clean Looking,Good Quality,High Flexible
    • Standards Export Packing of Goods
    • 3-5 days Timely Delivery
    • Good After-sale Service We Supply
    • Test Report before Shipment
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    Vinyl Round End Cap

    About Us : We are leader manufacturer for vinyl round end cap

    Zhongtian Electrical Jacket is the leader manufacturer of pvc sleeve products. Because we do this business for more than 30 years. Moreover,we have 14000m² company area owned not rent. Our price will be more competitive than other suppliers, because we make tools ourselves. It means our costs will be down,then you can get more profits if you buy from us. In other hand,our quality is good,it is clean, smooth and more flexible. Because TEST REPORT can be supplied before shipment.


    Flexibl Vinyl Cap

    PVC Material Data Sheet

    Flexibl Vinyl Cap


    PVC Flexibl End Cap


    All of pvc flexibl end cap are sold at wholesale price. So we get profits from mass purchase order. Our MOQ is different from 500 PCS to 50000 PCS,because it depends on what you size you need.

    But if we have stocks in warehouse,we may accept trial order at the first time. So please contact us for the details when you need any type of it.




    flexibl vinyl cap flexibl vinyl end cap pvc flexibl end cap soft pvc end cap vinyl round end cap

    Soft PVC End Cap


    For Small Order For Big Order
    If your order is small at the first time. We suggest to ship out goods by air.I can understand what you worry about before mass production.It will be good for you to check quality first. If your order is big,we suggest you to ship out goods by sea,because it can reduce your costs too much to get your goods.We will help you to CUSTOM Clearance the goods for you.


    Flexibl Vinyl End Cap


    Personal Account Company Account
    Paypal,Personal Account USD,Western Union Company Account USD
    Charges: You have to pay transfer fee additional to keep we receive payment equal with your order. No additional fee


    Flexible Vinyl Round Cap

    Wire End Caps | Round Wire End Cap | China Factory | High Quality

    Why Choose Us

    1. 30+ years in this field with rich experience, so more control on costs
    2. Annual sales USD11 millions, for huge production, so we can get lowest price on material
    3. We make tooling ourselves, so tooling fee will be cheaper than others
    4. Our own company not rented, so our costs is less
    5. Long term logistical business partner, As a result,we can get cheaper transportation quotation
    6. Our markets are North America & Europe, so quality is no doubt


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