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The Role of PVC Sleeve?

PVC Sleeve pvc sleeve is a kind of protective cover made of insulating material. And used to wrap the stranded copper wire conductor. It is a flat shell formed by pressing the sheath material through the production line of high-tech automatic equipment. It has the advantages of free bending and folding, relatively thin thickness, …

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What is Cable Sleeve

About Cable Sleeve For cable sleeve,it known as protective pipes and conduits, are pipes used to protect wires and wiring in electrical installations. It allowing the penetration and replacement of wires and cables. Moreover cable bushing is a new type of bushing material popularized and used in power engineering PVC Transparent Hose Brand Name: Zhongtian …

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Battery Terminal Boot Supplier | Cable Pants | Cable Gland Shroud

Battery Terminal Boot Supplier If you are searching for battery terminal boot supplier,welcome to contact us.Because we do business in this field for more than 30 years. Considering the labor cost and the increasing orders, we are making more cutting machine to ensure the lead time of the goods. The cutting machine is especially …

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