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Vinyl Dip | Bolt End Cap | Rod End Caps | End Cap Cover | Tube End Caps

Vinyl Dip Vinyl Dip is our popular goods. Our main products as below Vinyl End Caps Battery Terminal Covers Connector Cover PVC Cable Sleeve Other PVC Products Alligator Clip Cover Cable Gland Shroud Fuse & Varistor Cover Plastic Valve Handle Covers PVC Terminal Sleeve Speaker Cable Pants Which items you like,you can download the …

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Vinyl Wire End Cap Supplier | Manufacturer in China

Vinyl Wire End Cap What is PVC Vinyl Wire Cap ? Vinyl wire end cap pvc is one of the most widely used plastic materials. In addition,it is soft and with high flexible. PVC plastic PVC material has fire-proof, high strength, weather resistance and excellent stability.Moreover,it has strong resistance to oxidants, reducing agents and …

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