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Rubber Connector Cover | Auto Harness Connector Covers

Rubber Connector Cover Rubber connector cover is our main products,so there are many sizes for your choice. Connector Cover SIZE LIST Sleeve Connector Housing Sleeve connector housing is made of soft pvc material,it is more easier to pack and remove.Connector cover has insulated function,will take our life safe when we use it.In order to …

The Role of PVC Sleeve?

PVC Sleeve pvc sleeve is a kind of protective cover made of insulating material. And used to wrap the stranded copper wire conductor. It is a flat shell formed by pressing the sheath material through the production line of high-tech automatic equipment. It has the advantages of free bending and folding, relatively thin thickness, …

Electrical Connector Covers,connector cover,connector housing sleeve,connector cover waterproof,connector cover rubber

Electrical Connector Covers | Connector Cover Waterproof

Electrical Connector Covers We can supply you with many kinds of electrical connector covers to choose, according to shape of the connectors needs cover. Connector Cover Waterproof Brand Name: Zhongtian Material: Soft PVC (Vinyl) Color: Grey/Black/Clear/Transparent Blue/ Transparent Pink/ Transparent Green Hardness: 70(±10) Shore A Flammability Rating: V1/VW-1/UL 94-V0 Temperature: 70℃/105℃ Rated Current: 10A …

Connector Housing Sleeve

Connector Housing Sleeve function and role

  Terminal Ends Cover for Equipment Connector Housing Sleeve provides many important functions, which can basically be understood as a housing that provides electrical insulation between adjacent contacts and between the contacts and the outside world. This insulation is usually expressed as the insulation withstand voltage rating of the connector. In some cases, the …

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