Battery Terminal Covers Car Battery Boot | Terminal Sleeves | Battery Accessory | Wholesale
Car Battery Boot | Terminal Sleeves | Battery Accessory | Wholesale
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  • Car Battery Boot | Terminal Sleeves | Battery Accessory | Wholesale

    Why choose us?

    • 30+ years in this field,with rich experience
    • Company owned,not rent
    • Annual sales USD11 millions,can get cheapest price for raw material
    • Tooling fee is cheap,as we make tool ourselves
    • With UL94V-0 Flammability rate,ROHS/REACH certificates
    • Have professional logistical agent with lowest shipment fee
    • Sample available,to test before ordered

    For more designs,please download our battery terminal cover catalog below.

    • Description

    Car Battery Boot

    Our annual sales is USD 11 Millions, as we have many distributors of car battery boot in China and abroad.

    Terminal Sleeves

    What difference between PVC material and PE material?

    1. The temperature resistance and aging resistance are different.

    2. PVC contains chlorine, it smells great after burning,  and the book has certain flame retardancy.  The chemical formula is (-CH2-CHCl-), and the colors are diversified.  It is common in daily life. It will crack when exposed to the sun for a long time. PE is relatively soft.

    3. PE is smokeless, much lighter than PVC, flammable, chemical formula (-CH2-CH2-), also afraid of light, often black

    4. If you want to distinguish in practice, use a lighter, smell the odor, check whether there is ash after burning (PVC has, PE not),  and see the degree of flammability.


    Battery Accessory

    What is battery accessory?

    The car battery terminal protector is a flat cable formed by wrapping multiple strands of copper wire conductors with insulating materials, and pressing the sheath material through a production line of high-tech automation equipment. It is flexible, free to bend and fold, relatively thin, and small in size. , Simple connection, convenient disassembly, and other advantages. The number and spacing of wires can be selected arbitrarily to make the connection more convenient, greatly reduce the volume of the product, reduce production costs, and improve production efficiency. It is suitable for data transmission cables or power transmission in electrical equipment. Common specifications include various pitch flexible cables such as 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.25mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, etc.


    Car Battery Terminal Protector


    Car terminal cover spiral cable, economical spiral cable, used to connect equipment with low resilience. This kind of cable is used as a retractable control connection line and is widely used in control units that require reciprocating movement, such as machine tools, production lines, robots and power tools.


    Battery Terminal Boot


    1. Excellent cost performance, slow rebound, but extremely economical

    2. PVC mixture, oil resistant



    Battery End Cap | PVC Terminal Boot-Terminal Wire Cap-Terminal Sleeves


    Terminal Wire Cap


    Q:What is the MOQ?

    A:It depends on which type you need, but MOQ will be small quantity if we have stocks.

    Q:How can i buy from you?

    A:Send your order list to my mail address please, then i will contact you for further discussion.

    Q:What is the delivery time?

    A:It's about 7-10 days,depends on your order.

    Q:What is the package?

    A:All goods packed with bag, and then put into carton and packed with packing belt.

    Q:Where is your factory?

    A:Yueqing City,Zhejiang Province,China 325600

    Welcome to send your inquiry list by mail.Thanks!


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