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The role of the sheath

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Sheath is also called insulating sleeve.The main uses are:

It is used for the outer insulation and protection of the terminal block and is widely used in wires, electrical appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and other electrical wiring harnesses. It is easy to use, colorful, and metal industrial connectors are resistant to rust. , Marking, strapping, flame-retardant, and good insulation properties.

product category:

The sheath is mainly divided into: wire sheath (long tube soft sheath), continuous terminal sheath (soft sheath), cold-pressed terminal sheath (hard sheath) and handle sheath, etc.

Main materials and composition structure:

The raw material of this product is PVC resin powder, which is mainly composed of PVC resin and additives. The additives are divided into board-to-board according to their functions: heat stabilizer, lubricant, processing modifier, impact modifier, filler , Anti-aging agent, coloring agent, etc.

A brief history:

In the 1970s, a government-run unit in Yunlin County, Taiwan succeeded in the first batch of experiments. This type of product is the first type of sheath, and it is mainly used to protect the outer layer of the wire.

The vigorous development of electrical appliances in the 1990s brought prosperity to the wire sheath industry, and the pin headers thus extended the scope of use of the product.

So far, pvc sheath has been widely used in the electrical industry.

In electrical engineering, the terminal refers to the wiring terminal, also called the terminal. The types are divided into single hole, double hole, socket, hook and so on. From the material, copper silver plating, copper zinc plating, copper, aluminum, iron, etc.

Their role is mainly to transmit electrical signals or conduct electricity.

In the project, the terminal is the interface reserved for the project in front of the station for the project behind the station, and is the embedded facility for the bus interface project at the rear of the station.

The terminal section inspection microscope can produce an upright three-dimensional space image when observing objects, with strong stereo perception, clear and wide imaging, and a long working distance. It is equipped with a high-precision wiring harness terminal image measurement and analysis system, and combined into a wiring harness terminal inspection microscope. The perfect combination of high-quality optical system and high-resolution camera makes the cross-sectional image clearer, and the unique fixed times and files make the measurement more accurate.

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