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The role of the busbar and the structure of the busbar

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The role of the busbar is to converge and distribute current. The size of the horizontal busbar is generally selected according to the rated current of the incoming cabinet, but it must meet the requirements of dynamic stability and thermal stability; the rated current of the vertical busbar is generally 1000A.
Commonly used busbar structure types are rectangular, grooved and tubular.
① The monolithic rectangular conductor has the advantages of small skin effect coefficient, good heat dissipation conditions, simple installation, convenient connection, etc. The general working current is less than or equal to 2000A. ,
② The skin effect coefficient of multiple rectangular conductors is larger than that of a single conductor, so the additional loss increases. Therefore, the current-carrying capacity does not double as the number of conductor pieces increases, especially when there are more than three pieces per phase, the skin effect coefficient of the conductor increases significantly. In the engineering manual, the multi-piece rectangular 12-shaped conductor is suitable for working current; 4000A loop. When above 4000A, groove-shaped or tube-shaped shaped conductors that are beneficial to the distribution of alternating current should be selected
③ Slot-shaped or tubular shaped conductors have small skin effect coefficients, relatively uniform current distribution, good heat dissipation conditions, high mechanical strength, but high cost and inconvenient installation.

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