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The benefits of wire casing, what is the role of cable casing

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There are two types of wire sleeves: thin-walled and thick-walled. The thickness of the thin-walled pipe is about 2 mm, which is about 1 mm thinner than the ordinary welded pipe. It is commonly called "five centimeter pipe" in electrical engineering. Because of its low compressive strength, it is suitable for sheltered piping projects and exposed piping projects in wooden buildings. The thickness of thick-walled pipes ranges from 2.25 to 4 mm depending on the diameter, which is called "one branch", which is suitable for sheltered piping projects for large concrete buildings in Nanjing. It can also be used as a substitute for galvanized steel pipe for water gas transportation.

What is the function of the cable sleeve

1. Prevent the cable from being corroded and squeezed by cement and other building materials;
2. In order to facilitate future maintenance and replacement.

Thin-walled wire sleeves are manufactured by acetylene gas welding to protect wires.
There are also two types: galvanized and ungalvanized. Its specifications are expressed in terms of nominal diameter and wall thickness, which is the approximate value of the outer diameter. The product has ten specifications from 3/8〃x1.24~3〃x3.2mm. There are threaded fasteners at both ends, and the length, short length, and pipe joints are the same as those for water gas pipes. In terms of quality, there should be smooth inner and outer surfaces, no visible bends, no leaks, and any leaks should be repaired by welding. In addition, thin-walled wire sleeves must be subjected to a 90° cold bend test. The welding seam position can be used arbitrarily when cold bending. There should be no cracks or cracks in the test results. Thin-walled wire sleeves should be oiled and stored in the warehouse.

Benefits of wire casing

1. Corrosion resistance, long service life, can be used in wet saline-alkali zone.
2. It is flame-retardant and heat-resistant. It can be used for a long time at a high temperature of 130 degrees without deformation and will not burn in fire.
3. High strength and high rigidity. It can be used for direct burying under the carriageway without adding a concrete protective layer, which can speed up the progress of cable construction.
4. The pipe is flexible and can resist the damage caused by external pressure and foundation settlement.
5. It has good resistance to external signal interference.
6. The inner wall is smooth and does not scratch the cable. The design adopts the socket connection mode, which is convenient for installation and connection. The rubber sealing ring seal at the joint not only adapts to thermal expansion and contraction, but also prevents mud and sand from entering.

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