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PVC hose production process

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Types of pvc pipes

PVC cable sleeve is very common in our daily life. Because of its economical benefits, it can be used in general home decoration. Pvc pipes are mainly divided into hoses and hard pipes. Among them, hard pipes occupy a larger market share than hoses. PVC hoses generally contain plasticizers, so their physical properties are poor, so they cannot withstand too much pressure, and the scope of use is much less than that of hard pipes. There is no plasticizer in the hard pipe, so it is easier to mold the pvc hard pipe, and its compression resistance is better than that of the hose.

PVC hose production process

How is pvc hose produced? The hose contains a lot of plasticizers, some stabilizers and other ingredients, and several steps are required during production.

The first is to prepare all the materials to make the PVC hose, determine the corresponding weight according to the formula, and pour the prepared materials into the kneader at a time in a certain order. The correct order is: PVC resin, plasticized. Generally, the material can be taken out by kneading the material for 45-50 minutes and the temperature is 100-110 seconds.

Then the granulation can be carried out. In the process of pvc hose granulation, we must pay attention to the temperature control. The highest point of the material temperature should not be lower than the melting degree of the material, and at the same time, it should be kept lower than the extrusion tube forming temperature. .

The next step is molding. The extremes of the hose are closely related to the molding temperature, so it is the key to grasp the molding temperature. If the temperature is slightly higher, the molded PVC hose will even be higher.

The next step is traction. Both the traction speed and the cooling speed will affect the short circuit of the hose. The higher the traction speed and the faster the cooling speed, the hose will increase.

After the towing is completed, it is alkaline and packaging. As long as the quality inspection is passed, the finished PVC hose is completed and can be put on the market.

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