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Advantages and methods of PVC casing wiring

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Advantages of  PVC Earth Sleeving:
 PVC Earth Sleeving includes trunking, round pipe, corrugated pipe, they have the following performance characteristics.
①Good insulation performance, non-conductive, withstand voltage up to 25kV, no danger of electrification or breakdown.
②Impact resistance The high-quality PVC casing is equipped with auxiliary agents to enhance the impact resistance and can be buried in concrete without fear of pressure and impact.
③Fire-resistant high-quality PVC casing adopts flame-retardant formula, which will automatically extinguish when leaving the flame. In the case of fire, the relay capacity is twice that of steel pipes, that is, the effective safe evacuation time is doubled.
④Moisture proof, acid and alkali proof, moisture proof, acid proof, oil proof, no corrosion, suitable for use in humid and harsh environments.
⑤Easy to install and process, easy to cut, complete accessories for easy installation.
In addition, the high-quality PVC casing has anti-aging and insect-proof properties, and is suitable for ceiling and open application.

Wiring method of PVC casing:
①The wire trough can be laid out for wiring. There is no need to dig trenches, drill holes or plaster on the wall. Use nails to fix the bottom of the wire trough on the wall, put the wires, and cover the cover to complete the wiring. The opening and assembling of the trunking is very easy, and it can be repeatedly disassembled and assembled, and it is very convenient for line maintenance and replacement.
②The wire tube can be easily cut with a pipe cutter. For bending, you only need to insert the elbow spring into the tube to bend manually. It is formed at one time without heating or any treatment. Any complicated wiring can be easily completed by using various elbow accessories and adhesives.
③PVC corrugated pipe can be cut with only a knife. The corrugated structure can be bent at will, and it can be wired by bare hands with the sealing connector.

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