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Mobilization Meeting for Amoeba Management

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Zhongtian Mobilization Meeting for Amoeba Management was successfully held on July 17th, 2019.

What is “Amoeba Management”?
Amoeba Management is a unique management method that Inamori created while striving to uphold Kyocera's Management Rationale. Amoeba Management begins with dividing an organization into small units called "amoebas." Each amoeba leader is responsible for drafting plans and goals for the unit. Amoebas achieve their goals through collaboration and the hard efforts of all their amoeba members. In this system, every employee plays a major role and voluntarily participates in managing the unit, achieving what is known as "Management by All."
Now every department in Zhongtian has their own rights to calculate the cost for anything and they deserve all the extra profits they made based on Amoeba Management. 
In this way, everyone will work hard for themselves and that is also one of principles of Zhongtian - Employee is the foundation.